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Extended DISC®/FinxS System

OLS offers virtual certification in the Extended DISC®/FinxS® system.

Those certified by OLS also receive training on the new FinxS® Administration Portal. FinxS® is the new online platform for Extended DISC®. Within FinxS® you will be able to generate, not only the basic individual assessment, but ANY team, pair, or tailored assessment in the system for a flat-rate, per participant. That's right, if your assessment needs for any participant goes beyond the basic assessment, you can generate any other available assessment for no additional cost!

Virtual certification is only $1295 click here for our certification schedule.

Extended DISC®/FinxS® assessments can be tailored to your liking. They can be short, general DISC reports or comprehensive assessments for more holistic applications. You can customize the appearance of the reports to match your preferences. The content of assessments can be tailored to meet your in-house customer's needs, and the assessments can also include information that is the most relevant to different roles.

Once you've customized your assessment you can distribute it immediately. Respondents complete an online questionnaire that takes no more than 10 minutes and the results are emailed within seconds. They can be sent to the respondent, facilitator, administrator or combination of recipients. It's that simple!

Administrating a system as versatile as Extended DISC® is made easy with FinxS®, your complete, back-office administrative access to deploying, controlling and ordering assessments and services. With the Extended DISC®/FinxS® system you are able to view your client database, track usage, review completed assessments, re-generate assessments, purchase points, create analyses and pairings, brand or modify your reports and much more! OLS Virtual Certification provides this training.

Samples of ExtendedDISC®/FinxS Reports (click any link below to view a PDF)

Basic Report Sample: The Extended DISC/FinxS Individual Profile
Team Report Sample: The Extended DISC/FinxS Team Profile
Pair Report Sample: The Extended DISC/FinxS Work-Pair Profile
Tailored Report Sample: Stress and Time Management
Tailored Report Sample: Leadership Style
Tailored Report Sample: Business Development
Tailored Report Sample: Sales Managers Style
Tailored Report Sample: Sales Style
Tailored Report Sample: Customer Service
Tailored Report Sample: Healthcare Professional
Tailored Report Sample: Financial Advisor
Tailored Report Sample: Student
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Are you ready for the power and versatility of the Extended DISC®/FinxS® system?
You can be - through virtual certification!
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We offer virtual certifications for Extended DISC®/FinxS® on a routine basis throughout the year. The virtual certification session is conducted via a live webinar, increasing convenience and reducing cost. No flights, no hotels, no rental cars. Certification can be completed from the convenience of your office or home!

For more in-depth information about Extended DISC® powered by FinxS® - click here.

Important Note: Extended DISC products and accessories available on the OLS website may only be purchased by certified users of Extended DISC. We reserve the right to cancel the order if the purchaser does not qualify.

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